Create Electronic Dance Music with JavaScript

The new year began with a bang for me. Literally. Thanks to the good folks from NodeSource that organize the monthly SF Node meetup, I got an opportunity to speak at the Github HQ about 2 of the things I m most passionate about in life, Music & JavaScript!

Middle C

MIDI specifications define middle C as the number 60. It does not state if this is on the third or the fourth octave. It just says, if you want a middle C, it will numerically be 60 from MIDI's point of view.

G11N, I18N, L10N... W1F?

When you create a website or an application (desktop/web/mobile), you want everyone to use it. Globalization(G11N) is a step you take when you get serious about this goal.

Effective JavaScript & How to behave when you sit next to Douglas Crockford

Before I go into the most unique experience I had with Douglas Crockford, I want to put down the real essence of this post, which is the notes I took in the Effective JavaScript session that I attended. The most important thing I learnt in the training is the first line in my notes (the rest is secondary and you can actually skip it and move on to other things if you like).

Understanding JavaScript closures through the context of Indian classical music and modern art

As of EcmaScript 5, closures, along with functions, are at the heart of creating modules in JavaScript. While understanding closures can take some time initially, the effort invested yields great results on the dawn of understanding of what closures are.

Rearrange characters of a string to create all possible combinations

How to take a word(string) and rearrange its letters to create all possible combinations? Lets say we want to use the word ‘goal’ and list out all possible words that can be made by rearranging the letters of the word ‘goal’.

jQuery Timer Plugin

This plugin will allow you to add a simple timer to a HTML element like a DIV or INPUT or any other valid display element.

Find and replace in multiple files from the terminal

There are times when you d like to search for a word/phrase or regular expression in a number of files together and optionally replace it with something else.